Cowboy Chic!

It was my friend’s birthday this weekend and she decided to go to a Country bar! Oh boy, time to think of an outfit the first thought that popped in to my mind!!

What to wear….???

First I think of a cliche outfit…. all denim.


Then I thought of a plaid shirt with skinny jeans rolling the cuff and wearing my ankle Cowboy boots.


Ummm…. then it hit me!!! Lets have fun with this. I thought its too hot out, so shorts are a must but I still wanted to wear a plaid shirt. NOW COMES THE FUN! Well my shorts are short shorts lets pick a fun color…..Pale Pink, Perfect!  For a shirt, let me go with something darker….Found it, a blue white and black plaid shirt. “How can I make this more Pedro?” >>  A bow tie of course!! Oh yeah now I will take it to the next level and bring it all together with my Cowboy Boots!!!

I then was going to put it up for Battle of the looks but I was too in love with the look that I couldn’t do that to myself.  I totally had to wear this look!!


I got all dressed up in my Cowboy Chic and off to the Ranch ….the Cadillac Ranch …..


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