The Art Around US


Urban art one of those things we all have around us. Sometimes we dont take the time to truly appreciate it. We think of it as a nuisance, something that brings down our property value!

Not to me, I see it as a form of expression. A wonderful talent not everyone possesses.  I sure dont! God I can’t draw a straight line with a can of spray paint. Its hard enough for me to spray paint a table, I couldn’t imagine making a master piece. I give them alot of credit for the work that they do.


When you look at some of these peices of art it tells you alot about the artist and it opens a small window in to their world. I find myself getting lost in the stories these artists put together for the world to enjoy. They make this accessible to everyone. You don’t have to go to a gallery to see their work! Its sometimes right out side your front door.

Take it from me, one day when you can’t find something to do just go get your favorite drink and take a walk. You will enjoy it……  “The art around US”



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