The Art Around US


Urban art one of those things we all have around us. Sometimes we dont take the time to truly appreciate it. We think of it as a nuisance, something that brings down our property value!

Not to me, I see it as a form of expression. A wonderful talent not everyone possesses.  I sure dont! God I can’t draw a straight line with a can of spray paint. Its hard enough for me to spray paint a table, I couldn’t imagine making a master piece. I give them alot of credit for the work that they do.


When you look at some of these peices of art it tells you alot about the artist and it opens a small window in to their world. I find myself getting lost in the stories these artists put together for the world to enjoy. They make this accessible to everyone. You don’t have to go to a gallery to see their work! Its sometimes right out side your front door.

Take it from me, one day when you can’t find something to do just go get your favorite drink and take a walk. You will enjoy it……  “The art around US”



Cowboy Chic!

It was my friend’s birthday this weekend and she decided to go to a Country bar! Oh boy, time to think of an outfit the first thought that popped in to my mind!!

What to wear….???

First I think of a cliche outfit…. all denim.


Then I thought of a plaid shirt with skinny jeans rolling the cuff and wearing my ankle Cowboy boots.


Ummm…. then it hit me!!! Lets have fun with this. I thought its too hot out, so shorts are a must but I still wanted to wear a plaid shirt. NOW COMES THE FUN! Well my shorts are short shorts lets pick a fun color…..Pale Pink, Perfect!  For a shirt, let me go with something darker….Found it, a blue white and black plaid shirt. “How can I make this more Pedro?” >>  A bow tie of course!! Oh yeah now I will take it to the next level and bring it all together with my Cowboy Boots!!!

I then was going to put it up for Battle of the looks but I was too in love with the look that I couldn’t do that to myself.  I totally had to wear this look!!


I got all dressed up in my Cowboy Chic and off to the Ranch ….the Cadillac Ranch …..

The Winning Look!!!


By the end of the voting time I’m so anxious to find out which is the winning look!!! I start to count the votes and THEN THE FUN BEGINS!!!

I then start to get myself together!  I the take a picture in the winning look and I share it with the world! 

Then my of Adventures begin!

Battle of the Looks!


You know when you just wish your friends were with you when your getting ready?  Well now I do! Every week on I upload 2 looks on to my instagram and Facebook.   I let the world decide which look I should be wearing.

This pass weekend it was NYC Gay Pride. So off to started the Battle of the looks for this week!!